Digital Inking Superpower

Digital Inking Superpower

Digital Inking Superpower Summary and Overview
The Digital Inking Student Superpower emphasizes using the power of the written word and digital tools to create conversation. Writing with digital ink empowers students to write in ways that are sharable and interactive. Importantly, writing in digital ink allows students to garner diverse feedback on their ideas, instantly accelerating progress. As students increase the strength of this superpower, the quality of their ability to catch and respond to the attention of an authentic audience will improve. Be sure to watch this transformation closely throughout the implementation of the instructional journey!

Specifically, this instructional journey from the text encourages students to communicate to the lenses of different community stakeholders. Communication with intention requires a deep awareness of audience. This journey culminates in the text with a media campaign challenge that showcases students’ abilities to harness the power of all forms of digital ink!

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