Wondering Superpower

Wondering Superpower

Wondering Superpower Summary and Overview
The Wondering Student Superpower emphasizes asking powerful questions at the right time. This empowers students to explore meaningful, complex problems! In many ways, asking pertinent questions leads to competency. As students increase the strength of this superpower, the quality of their questions will change. Students’ questions will probe more deeply, uncover greater mysteries, and explore complex relationships. Be sure to note these changes as formative assessment during the learning journey.

Specifically, the instructional journey crafted in the text encourages students to examine images, text, websites, and videos from the media. (Some will be real, and others will be fake in an effort to incite some passion.) Howard Rheingold, iconic thinker regarding digital literacy, has termed such critical information consumption as “crap detection.” This journey culminates with a student-designed game show that showcases amazing questions!

Check out the instructional journey resources on our Pinterest board here.

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