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Do you sometimes wish that you could whip on a flowing cape and pick up a magic wand? That you could wave it once over your classroom full of students and have them become masters of all that they need to know?

We’re teachers just like you, and we know that teaching is a difficult, yet rewarding profession. The biggest “wins” come when we can see our students grow and develop as independent, engaged learners. We’ve developed this text to provide you with practical changes that help you cultivate learning superpowers in all of your students.

With careful instructional design, students can hone the superpowers necessary to master whatever they encounter! It is our job as teachers to create classrooms and learning experiences that empower struggling students that who aren’t good at the game of school, especially those who lose confidence under the pressure of grading and testing. How many talented learners have been labeled by their faults instead of their strengths?

While we cannot solve all of the problems that exist outside of our classrooms, we can provide a safe haven within which they can learn while they are with us. We can establish classroom rules that forbid criticism and social abuse. We can encourage and empower with every word that we speak. It is only for the hours of school, but it can encourage growth and learning in deep and fundamental ways.

Like the X-Men, Superman, and all other superheroes, our students each need to develop their talents in unique and original ways. No two students will have the same combination of powers or strategies. Each is a unique individual with powers that grow from within them. This individuality is not only preferable; it’s wonderfully exciting.

The purpose of this book is to empower YOU, the teacher, to unleash the powers within your students, so that they can tackle 21st century challenges, by providing you with practical ideas and resources. This website contains many of the resources cited in our book. Enjoy!

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